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Do you want to enjoy a pool on your property without damaging your well-maintained lawn? Are you worried that you’re going to go beyond your budget to install a pool? If you’re looking for an inexpensive way of adding a pool to your property, invest in an above-ground pool.

Unlike in-ground pools, above-ground pools are inexpensive because they require less prep-work and are easy to install. Above-ground pools also come in a wide variety of models, perfect for any homeowner’s backyard and family size!

If you want to install an above-ground pool on your property, you’re on the right website. At Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros, we have been installing above-ground pools for years, making us one of the most trusted names in Atlanta.



Our team at Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros is the best in what we do because we are equipped with the skills and tools to install above-ground pools fast. Our team has decades of experience installing various types and sizes of above-ground pools.

We consistently go the extra mile to ensure that clients’ needs are met and we are proud to guarantee satisfaction. This principle is the reason why we ensure that everything is perfect with the above-ground pool installation before we leave the site. In fact, we never leave the site unless clients are happy with our work. 

Sure, you can find countless companies and contractors who promise to install above-ground pools on your property, but our vision makes us different. We prioritize client satisfaction at all times and go above and beyond to ensure that clients like you are happy with our above-ground pool installation services

Our installation process

Step 1: Excavate and level the land

The first step of our above-ground pool installation process is to excavate and level the area. This is one of the most critical steps of the process because an even ground ensures that your water level remains even and your structure stays robust. An above-ground pool nestled on an uneven surface will look wrong — and this is something our team wants to avoid at all costs. 

Our team usually uses several tools to clear the grass (if there is any) and remove rocks from the site to level the ground. This will allow our team to work with a clean, even surface. 

Step 2: Install a retaining Wall

Depending on your lawn or backyard condition, our team might also install a retaining wall as part of the above-ground pool installation process. Retaining walls are essential for sloping backyards as they allow more perimeter space around the pool or add more room for the pool by cutting into a small hillside. 

Our team will also have to install retaining walls if your backyard is steep or if there is a drop-off or hill near the location of the pool. Retaining walls keep the water and dirt away from your pool, making it cleaner for more extended periods. 

Step 3: assemble the pool

Once the pool floor area is leveled, our team will assemble the above-ground pool using vermiculite, sand, or stone dust. 

  1. Our team will start to assemble the bottle of the wall rim along the circumference of the pool area. 
  2. Our team will lay a level at least three inches layer of playground or mason sand inside the ring. These types of sands are smooth, ideal for surfaces beneath swimming pools. 
  3. We will install pool walls by using several stakes. These will hold up the walls to ensure that they stay in place. 
  4. Once the pool walls are set, we will create an angled area of sand or sand cove. 
  5. We will install the liner starting from the center of the pool.
  6. We anchor side-wall liners and attach the top rail. 

Step 4: Filling up the pool

The next step in the above-ground pool installation process is filling it up with water. Generally, there are five options for filling an above-ground pool: we can use city or municipal water, well water from their well, well water coming through a softener system, water from delivery, or water from the fire department. 

However, not all of these options are available to all clients; some will only have to choose between two options while others don’t have any other choice but to settle for one of these. If our clients have to choose between two or more options when filling up their above-ground pool, we will help them make a sound decision by enumerating the pros and cons of various water sources. 

Step 5: Set up the pump & other equipment

After the pool has been filled up, our team will continue working on the above-ground pool installation process by setting up the pump and filter. These pieces of equipment are vital to improve the overall quality of the pool’s water and reduce the accumulation of debris and germs in the pool.

Our process of setting up the pump and other equipment starts by:

  1. First, we measure the area where the pump and filter will sit. Usually, we place the filter and pump a couple of feet away from the skimmer. 
  2. Next, we will connect the skimmer by placing hose clamps on the ends of the hoses. One end of the hose will be camped to the bottom of the skimmer basket, and the other end will be clamped to the front of the pump. 
  3. Our team will connect the return hose by placing a hose clamp on the ends of another section of the hose. We will hook one end to the return fitting located on the pool wall and the other to the filter. We will make sure that every hose is secured in place by clamping it. 
  4. We will connect the filter discharge using another hose with hose clamps on each end.
  5. Fill the filter with sand or place the cartridge in it. Once the pump is plugged in, it will start to filter water in the pool right away.

Step 6: educate clients on pool maintenance

As mentioned, our team ensures that our clients will be satisfied with our products and services. Aside from installing their above-ground pools fast using the best materials, we also educate clients on maintaining their pools properly. 

With this information, our clients will get the best value from their investment and see that their above-ground pools will last for years. 

In general, we discuss with our clients the importance of:

  • Regularly testing the chlorine levels: Contrary to popular belief, chlorine is essential in above-ground pools because it kills harmful bacteria, algae, and microorganisms. Since chlorine breaks down when regularly exposed to the sun and other chemicals, such as sweat and sunscreen, our clients have to manually and periodically check the chlorine levels of their above-ground pools. We often recommend our clients use chlorine test strips to assess if their above-ground pools have sufficient chlorine levels. Ideally, their pools should have about two to four parts per million (PPM) of chlorine.
  • Regularly clean and replace the filters: All filters have the same job: they capture debris that pollutes pools. To ensure that pool filters work properly, we recommend our clients regularly clean and replace theirs. Pool filters should be thoroughly cleaned once a week and replaced based on the manufacturer’s recommendation. 
  • Run the pump’s pool for at least eight hours a day: The pump is essential because it keeps the water circulating, preventing algae from growing. Moving water also directs debris into the filter to keep the pool water cleaner and clearer. The pool’s pump plays an essential role in the cleanliness of above-ground pools, which is why we always recommend our clients to use theirs for at least eight hours every day. 
  • Use a good pool vacuum cleaner: Having a pump and filter isn’t enough to ensure the cleanliness of above-ground pools. This is the reason why we also advise our clients to invest in a good pool vacuum cleaner. Pool vacuum cleaners have a strong suction power that can easily capture acorns, leaves, dirt, and even twigs on the pool. 
  • Maintenance during winter: We also provide very specific maintenance tips for clients who want to close their above-ground pool during the winter months. Preparing above-ground pools for winter is vital as cold weather can cause irreparable leaks in the liner. 

We help our clients “winterize” their above ground pools by teaching them the following:

  • Remove equipment from their pools, namely ladders, filters, and pumps. 
  • Trash old filter cartridges so they can get a new one after the winter months.
  • Clean all their pool equipment using a powerful hose or submerging them into soapy water to remove dirt and other debris.
  • Drain filter tanks and hoses to avoid sitting water and stains on the pool walls. 
  • Use a winter chemical kit to keep the pool water clean even when it is not in use. 
  • Cover the pool to prevent leaves, twigs, and other debris from falling and affecting the pool’s water and chemistry. 

We encourage our clients to ask questions about above-ground pool maintenance during this last step. We want them to enjoy their pools for the longest time possible — and they can only achieve this goal if they know how to care for their pools properly. 

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Above-ground pools are smart investments because these can increase the value of your property and allow you to maximize your outdoor space more. Having an above-ground pool will also encourage you to spend more time with your friends and family outdoors!

If you’re ready to learn more about our services and install an above-ground pool on your property, contact us today at (678) 932-0228. You can also fill out this form on our contact page to send an inquiry or request an estimate from our team. 

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Many people worry about the quality of the replacement liner that they will purchase and install in their pool. There is really no need to be concerned about quality when you contact Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros because we only carry the best quality replacement liners. We understand that it is essential to offer quality liners to our customers. We know that it is important to replace a liner and not have to worry about it for the season.

We carry many types of replacement liners for your above-ground pool. These liners are designed to fit different kinds of above-ground pool setups. You must know what kind of above-ground pool setup you have before you start to look for the above-ground pool liner to replace it.

If you need above ground pool repair, you’ve come to the right place. Our team at Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros works hard to help you during your biggest time of need. We know how problems can arise with above-ground pools, and we want to provide you with the fix you need to get everything back to normal. You can trust that we’re ready to help you with all of your repairs so that you can feel confident moving forward. Call us today for expert above-ground pool repair in Atlanta. 

Not everyone is aware of the most effective ways to remove an above-ground pool. Luckily, you have options! It’s crucial to pick a team that has the experience and knowledge to help you. If you want an above-ground pool removed from your property, you can trust our team to get the job done right. We have the knowledge, skill, and expertise to help you during your time of need. We’ll respect your property every step of the way as we remove the above-ground pool safely and securely. Call us at (678) 585-6266 to discuss your needs. 

By incorporating a heater, you can ensure that your water is of a comfortable temperature for swimming regardless of the outside air temperature. Furthermore, installing proper filtration will help keep the water free of debris and other contaminants that may accumulate over time. By investing in these two components, you are taking the extra step necessary to maintain a healthy, safe swimming environment in your own backyard.

Above-ground pools are a great way to bring the joy of swimming into many backyards, but proper maintenance and care are needed for optimal use. Opening and closing your above-ground pool every year ensures that your family can remain safe in the water as you enjoy your time together. During the opening process, carefully clean the pool liner, replace any old & damaged parts, and make sure all equipment is functioning properly. At the closing stages of the season, winterize the system by removing all unnecessary items, ensuring no debris enters the water and treating it one last time before storing away equipment. With just an annual checkup on opening and closing your above-ground pool, you can create a lifetime of memories with your family!

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