Above Ground Pool Installation in Athens

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Above Ground Pool Installation in Athens

Are you dreaming of having a pool in your Athens home without compromising the beauty of your pristine lawn? Concerned about overspending on a pool installation? For a cost-effective solution to bring a pool to your property, consider an above-ground pool.

Above-ground pools, unlike their in-ground counterparts, are more affordable due to minimal preparation needs and ease of setup. They’re available in a plethora of designs, making them a perfect fit for any Athens homeowner’s yard and family requirements!

For those in Athens looking to add an above-ground pool to their space, you’ve landed on the right website. At Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros, our years of experience in setting up above-ground pools solidify our reputation as one of Atlanta’s most reliable names.



At Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros, our Athens-focused team is unmatched in their expertise and is equipped with both the knowledge and tools to promptly set up above-ground pools. Our professionals bring decades of hands-on experience, having installed a diverse range of above-ground pools in sizes and styles.

We always go a step further to cater to our client’s desires, standing by our commitment to ensuring satisfaction. This dedication is why we diligently check every detail of the pool installation before considering our job. We firmly believe in not departing from the site until our Athens clients are fully pleased with our work.

While there might be numerous firms and contractors offering to install above-ground pools in Athens, what sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to client contentment. We consistently prioritize your satisfaction, striving relentlessly to make sure you’re delighted with our above-ground pool installation expertise.

Our installation process

Step 1: Excavate and level the land

The initial phase of our above-ground pool installation involves preparing and ensuring the ground is flat. Achieving a leveled ground is pivotal as it guarantees consistent water levels and maintains the pool’s integrity. Positioning an above-ground pool on an irregular surface can mar its appearance—something our team diligently aims to prevent.

To create a smooth, level foundation, our team employs various tools to clear any grass and extract stones from the site. This meticulous preparation provides an ideal, uniform base for the pool.

Step 2: Install a retaining Wall

Based on the specific conditions of your Athens yard, our team might incorporate the construction of a supportive wall during the above-ground pool installation. Such walls play a crucial role in yards with a gradient, either creating added space around the pool or expanding the pool area by cutting into slight inclines.

If your backyard has a significant slope or if it’s adjacent to a drop-off or hill, installing supportive walls becomes imperative. These walls act as barriers, preventing soil and water from entering your pool and thus maintaining its cleanliness over time.

Step 3: assemble the pool

After ensuring a flat foundation for the pool, our team embarks on constructing the above-ground pool, employing materials such as vermiculite, sand, or stone dust.

  1. The process begins by setting up the base of the wall perimeter around the designated pool area.
  2. We then evenly spread a minimum three-inch layer of playground or mason sand within this boundary. These sands are chosen for their smooth texture, making them perfect for pool undersurfaces.
  3. Pool walls are erected with the aid of multiple stakes, ensuring they remain firmly positioned.
  4. Following this, an inclined layer of sand or a sand cove is crafted.
  5. The liner installation is initiated from the pool’s center, ensuring precision.
  6. Lastly, we secure the side-wall liners and finalize by affixing the top rail.

Step 4: Filling up the pool

The subsequent phase of our above-ground pool installation involves introducing water into the pool. Typically, there are five methods to fill an above-ground pool: utilizing city or municipal water, sourcing from a personal well, employing softened well water, arranging water delivery, or procuring water from the fire department.

However, accessibility to these options varies for each client; some might only have a couple of choices, while others might be limited to just one method. In scenarios where our clients need to select from multiple sources for their water fill, we assist in the decision-making by outlining the advantages and disadvantages of each source.

Step 5: Set up the pump & other equipment

Once the pool reaches its desired water level, our team progresses with the installation by initiating the setup of the pump and filtration system. These components are instrumental in enhancing the water’s quality and minimizing the buildup of contaminants and microbes.


Our meticulous procedure for installing the pump and associated equipment is as follows:

  1. We begin by determining the optimal location for the pump and filter, typically situating them a few feet from the skimmer for efficient operation.
  2. Subsequently, the skimmer is connected using hoses secured with clamps. One hose end is fastened to the base of the skimmer basket, and the other is attached to the pump’s front.
  3. Another hose, secured with clamps, is used to connect the return fitting on the pool’s side to the filtration system, ensuring all connections are snug and leak-free.
  4. A separate hose, with clamps on either end, is used for the filter’s discharge process.
  5. Depending on the filter type, we either load it with sand or insert the appropriate cartridge. Once powered on, the pump immediately commences its filtration activity, ensuring pristine pool water.

Step 6: educate clients on pool maintenance

As emphasized, our team is devoted to ensuring client satisfaction with both our products and services. Beyond swiftly installing top-quality above-ground pools, we also offer guidance on effective pool maintenance.

Equipped with this knowledge, our clients can optimize their investment, ensuring that their above-ground pools serve them efficiently for many years.

At Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros, catering to the Athens area, we prioritize educating our clients on the essentials of pool care:

  • Consistent Chlorine Level Monitoring: Contrary to common misconception, chlorine is pivotal for above-ground pools as it eradicates harmful microbes, algae, and bacteria. With chlorine degrading upon exposure to sunlight and elements like sunscreen and perspiration, it’s crucial for Athens homeowners to periodically verify their pool’s chlorine concentration. We typically advise the use of chlorine test strips for this purpose, aiming for a chlorine level between two and four parts per million (PPM).
  • Routine Filter Maintenance: Filters are designed to trap pollutants in pools. To maintain their efficiency, we emphasize to our Athens clients the need to clean their filters weekly and replace them as per the maker’s guidelines.
  • Operate the Pool Pump Daily: For optimal water circulation and to inhibit algae proliferation, we advise running the pool pump for a minimum of eight hours daily. This also ensures that impurities are effectively directed to the filter.
  • Invest in a Quality Pool Vacuum: In addition to having a pump and filter, we stress the importance to our Athens clientele of having a robust pool vacuum cleaner that is effective in removing debris such as leaves, dirt, and twigs.
  • Winter Maintenance Guidance: Recognizing the potential damage cold weather can inflict on pool liners, we offer specialized tips for those wishing to winterize their above-ground pools in the Athens area.

To effectively prepare for winter, we guide clients to:

  1. Detach accessories, including pumps, ladders, and filters.
  2. Discard used filter cartridges, prepping for a fresh one post-winter.
  3. Cleanse pool tools either with a strong water stream or a detergent solution to eliminate accumulated contaminants.
  4. Empty out filter containers and hoses to prevent stagnant water and potential staining.
  5. Administer a winter chemical mixture to retain water purity during dormancy.
  6. Secure the pool with a protective cover to ward off external contaminants.

In conclusion, we warmly invite our Athens clients to engage with us regarding above-ground pool care queries. Our ultimate aim at Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros is to ensure extended enjoyment of their pools, achievable through proper maintenance knowledge.

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Above-ground pools are a savvy choice, enhancing your property’s worth and optimizing your backyard’s potential. Moreover, with an above-ground pool in your Athens home, you’ll find more reasons to revel in the outdoors with your loved ones!

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Many Athens residents often express concerns about the caliber of the replacement liner they’ll opt for. However, with Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros at your service, quality is guaranteed. We pride ourselves on offering top-tier replacement liners, realizing the importance of providing longevity for our clients’ seasonal enjoyment.

Our range includes a variety of replacement liners suitable for diverse above-ground pool designs. It’s pivotal to understand your specific above-ground pool type before seeking a replacement liner.

Beyond our pool installations in the Athens region, we also specialize in replacing above-ground pool liners and offer Pool Heater Installation Services.

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Above-ground pools have transformed countless Athens backyards into fun-filled oases. In order to maintain this joy, consistent care is paramount. Initiating the season with meticulous pool liner cleanup, equipment checks, and replacements lays the groundwork for safe enjoyment. Conversely, as the season wraps up, it’s essential to winterize your pool, clear out any debris, and conduct one final treatment before safely storing all equipment. An annual ritual of opening and closing your above-ground pool ensures countless cherished moments for Athens families.