Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What is the difference between a beaded and Unibead pool liner?


A: The main difference between the overlap style liner and the beaded style liner is how the liner is attached in place at the top of the swimming pool. The beaded-style pool liner is most often used for above-ground pools and has a lip or groove at its top edge.

Q: How do I know what kind of pool liner I have?


A: Your pool wall has vinyl copings that are screwed to the wall of the pool. Locate the screws in one section and remove them so that you can pry the coping up and have a look at the under section. The top of an above-ground pool has about a 6-to-8-inch shelf, and this could be fragile, so you will need to be cautious when trying to look under the coping.

Q: Where is the serial number on a pool liner?


A: Look for the serial number by examining the reverse of the liner near the top of the wall seam. You can also find it on your warranty card or on the box that the liner was packaged in.

Q: What are the three types of pool liners?


A: There are three types of above-ground vinyl pool liners. These are the beaded, overlap, and uni-bead liner. Pool liners are designed to maintain structural integrity, retain pool water and create a protective barrier for the pool’s structure.

Q: Do all above-ground pools have liners?


A: Yes, all above-ground pools have a liner. The vinyl liner is a crucial component of an above-ground pool. It is designed to retain the water and protect the structure of the pool.

Q: Can you put a new pool liner over an old one?


A: It is never a good idea to leave the old pool liner in your above-ground pool when you replace your pool liner. Leaving the old liner in will create more problems, and you should just replace the old liner with a new one. When you remove the old liner, it will allow you an unfettered view of the pool structure, which you can also inspect before you replace the liner.

Q: How to find your above-ground pool Liner Type?


A: If you are not able to inspect what is below the top rail or the coping of your pool, you will have to take it off. The copings for vinyl pools are often screwed into the wall of the pool. You will need to find and then remove the screws from a smaller section of the coping. This will allow you to pry it up so that you can look at the underside and look below the coping to find out what type of liner you have.


Q: How do you measure for a pool liner?


If you have an oval vinyl pool liner, you will measure the length the total length from one end to the other end through the center of the pool.  Next, measure the width of the liner in three separate places and take an average of the width. Measure the inside wall of the pool to the other inside wall to get the length and the right measurements.