Above Ground Pool Installation in McDonough

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Are you considering adding a pool to your McDonough home but concerned about the impact on your pristine lawn and budget? An above-ground pool is a cost-effective solution for enhancing your property with a pool.

Above-ground pools offer an affordable alternative to in-ground pools, mainly because they require less groundwork and are simpler to install. With a diverse range of styles and sizes, they’re ideal for any homeowner’s backyard and family needs.

For those in McDonough looking to install an above-ground pool, you’ve come to the right place. Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros has years of experience setting up above-ground pools, establishing us as a highly reputable service provider in the region.



At Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros, we excel in our field thanks to our skilled team, which is equipped with the necessary tools and expertise for rapid above-ground pool installation in the McDonough area. Our professionals bring years of experience installing various above-ground pools tailored to different preferences and sizes.

Our commitment to excellence means we always strive to exceed client expectations. We’re dedicated to delivering complete satisfaction, ensuring every aspect of the pool installation is flawless before we consider our job done. We don’t leave the site until you, our client, are delighted with our work.

While there are numerous companies and contractors in McDonough offering above-ground pool installation, what sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. At Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros, we always put our clients first, ensuring that every pool installation we undertake meets your highest standards.

Our installation process

Step 1: Excavate and level the land

The initial step in our above-ground pool installation process involves meticulously excavating and leveling the site. Achieving a level ground is crucial as it ensures an even water level and maintains the pool’s structural integrity. Our goal is to prevent any imbalance in the pool’s appearance or stability, which is why we focus intently on this aspect.

To prepare the ground, our team skillfully removes any grass and extricates rocks, creating a smooth and level base for the pool installation.

Step 2: Install a retaining Wall

In certain cases, particularly for homes with uneven backyards, our team may incorporate a retaining wall into the installation process. Retaining walls are particularly beneficial for sloped yards, as they create additional space around the pool or expand the pool area by accommodating a hillside.

Should your property in McDonough feature steep inclines or significant variations in elevation near the planned pool site, Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros will construct retaining walls. These structures are vital for keeping water and soil at bay, ensuring your pool remains clean and enjoyable for longer periods.

Step 3: assemble the pool

Our team begins pool assembly post-leveling of the pool base. We use materials like vermiculite, sand, or stone dust for optimal results.

  1. We initiate this by setting up the lower wall rim around the pool’s perimeter.
  2. A three-inch layer of playground or mason sand, known for its smooth texture, is spread within the created ring, providing an ideal base for swimming pools.
  3. Pool walls are erected with the help of multiple stakes, ensuring they remain firmly in place.
  4. After setting up the walls, we shape a sand cove with an angled profile.
  5. The pool liner installation starts from the center and expands outward.
  6. We secure the liner along the sidewalls and fit the top rail to complete the structure.

Step 4: Filling up the pool

The subsequent phase involves filling the newly assembled above-ground pool with water. There are various water sources for this purpose: city or municipal water, well water directly or through a softener system, water delivery services, or sourcing from the fire department.

The availability of these options varies for our McDonough clients. Some may have multiple choices, while others might be limited to one. For those with several options, our team will assist in making an informed decision by discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each water source.

Step 5: Set up the pump & other equipment

Once the pool is filled, we move to the next critical phase: installing the pump and filter. These components are essential for maintaining the pool’s water quality, ensuring it stays clear of debris and contaminants.

Our approach to installing the pump and other equipment includes:

  1. Initially, we determine the placement for the pump and filter, typically situating them a few feet from the skimmer for optimal functionality.
  2. The connection process starts with the skimmer. We attach hose clamps to the hose ends, securing one end to the skimmer basket’s bottom and the other to the pump’s front.
  3. For the return hose, we use a similar method. A hose clamp is placed on each end of a hose segment. One end connects to the return fitting on the pool wall, and the other to the filter. Each hose is meticulously clamped to ensure a secure fit.
  4. The filter discharge is set up using another hose, fixed in place with hose clamps at both ends.
  5. Finally, we either fill the filter with sand or insert the cartridge. Once the pump is powered on, it immediately begins to circulate and filter the pool water.

Step 6: educate clients on pool maintenance

At Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros, we believe in empowering our McDonough clients with the knowledge to maintain their pools effectively. Our commitment goes beyond just installing pools; we ensure our clients are well-versed in maintaining their investment for long-term enjoyment and functionality.

Key aspects of pool maintenance we cover include:

  • Monitoring Chlorine Levels: We educate clients on the critical role of chlorine in keeping above-ground pools safe by eliminating harmful bacteria and algae. We guide them on regularly checking chlorine levels, ideally maintaining two to four PPM, using test strips for accurate measurement.
  • Filter Care: We emphasize the importance of regular cleaning and timely replacement of pool filters. These filters play a pivotal role in trapping debris, and we advise weekly cleaning and adherence to manufacturer guidelines for replacement.
  • Pump Usage: For optimal water quality, we recommend running the pool pump for at least eight hours daily. This helps circulate the water and direct debris towards the filter, thereby preventing algae growth and maintaining clarity.
  • Investing in a Quality Pool Vacuum Cleaner: To complement the filtration system, we suggest investing in a robust pool vacuum cleaner, an effective tool for removing debris like leaves, dirt, and twigs from the pool.
  • Winter Maintenance: Our guidance extends to preparing the pool for winter. This includes removing ladders, filters, and pumps, discarding old filter cartridges, thoroughly cleaning equipment, draining tanks and hoses, using a winter chemical kit, and covering the pool to protect it from debris and maintain water chemistry.

At Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros, we guide our McDonough area clients in effectively “winterizing” their above-ground pools with these essential steps:

  1. Equipment Removal: We instruct clients to remove all pool accessories, including ladders, filters, and pumps. This step is crucial in preparing the pool for the colder months.
  2. Filter Cartridge Disposal: We recommend discarding old filter cartridges. This ensures that come spring, pools can be equipped with fresh, effective filters.
  3. Cleaning Pool Equipment: We advise thoroughly cleaning all pool equipment. This can be done using a powerful hose or by submerging the equipment in soapy water, effectively removing dirt and debris.
  4. Draining Tanks and Hoses: It’s important to drain filter tanks and hoses to prevent water from stagnating and causing stains on pool walls.
  5. Winter Chemical Kit Usage: To maintain pool water quality during the off-season, we suggest using a winter chemical kit. This keeps the water clean and ready for use when warmer weather returns.
  6. Covering the Pool: Finally, we recommend covering the pool to protect it from falling leaves, twigs, and other debris that could disrupt the water balance and cleanliness.

Our team at Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros encourages McDonough clients to engage with us, ask questions, and fully understand the nuances of above-ground pool maintenance. Our goal is to ensure our clients can enjoy their pools for many years, which is achievable through proper care and maintenance.

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Above-ground pools are excellent investments. They not only enhance the value of your property but also expand your outdoor living space. With an above-ground pool, you’ll find more reasons to enjoy outdoor moments with friends and family.

If you’re keen to explore our services and are considering an above-ground pool for your McDonough property, reach out to us today. Feel free to fill out the inquiry form on our contact page to request an estimate or ask any questions. Contact Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros now, and let’s transform your outdoor area into your personal oasis.

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Concerns about the quality of replacement liners for above-ground pools are common, but with Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros, quality is a guarantee. We are committed to providing only top-quality liners to our McDonough customers, ensuring they enjoy a worry-free pool season.

Our selection of replacement liners caters to various above-ground pool designs and setups. Before choosing a liner, it’s important to know your pool’s specific type and configuration.

Not only do we specialize in installing above-ground pools, but we also expertly handle liner replacements and pool heater installations.

For those in McDonough needing above-ground pool repair, Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros is here to assist. Our experienced team is dedicated to resolving any issues you might encounter with your pool. We understand the challenges that can arise and are prepared to deliver the solutions you need. Trust us to provide expert repair services, ensuring your above-ground pool is back in perfect condition. Contact us today for dependable above-ground pool repair services in McDonough.

Many are unaware of the nuances involved in removing an above-ground pool. Fortunately, there are skilled teams like ours to handle this task. If you need an above-ground pool removed in the McDonough area, Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros is your go-to team. We bring expertise, skill, and a respectful approach to your property, ensuring the pool is removed safely and efficiently. Contact us to discuss your pool removal needs, and trust us to handle the job with precision and care.

Adding a heater to your above-ground pool ensures comfortable water temperatures for swimming, regardless of the weather. Moreover, a proper filtration system is essential to keep the water clean and free from debris. By investing in these components with Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros, you’re taking crucial steps to maintain a healthy and safe swimming environment right in your backyard in McDonough.

For top-notch cleaning of your above-ground pool in McDonough, rely on Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros. Our extensive experience in pool cleaning and installation makes us the experts you need. We offer comprehensive cleaning services, from seasonal maintenance to deep cleaning, ensuring your pool remains hygienic and safe. Our skilled technicians are well-versed in best practices, and our additional services, like filtration system maintenance and upgrades, guarantee a durable solution for years of enjoyment. For the pinnacle of above-ground pool cleanliness, Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros is your trusted choice.

Maintaining an above-ground pool requires meticulous care, especially when opening and closing for the season. Ensuring the safety and longevity of your pool involves thorough cleaning of the liner, replacing worn parts, and checking all equipment during opening. In the closing phase, it’s important to winterize the pool by clearing out items, preventing debris entry, and treating the water before storing equipment. Regularly managing the opening and closing of your above-ground pool in McDonough with Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros can lead to countless cherished family moments.