Pool Heater Installation

Pool Heater Installation

When you own a home or property in Atlanta with a pool, you want to ensure that you can go in your pool at any time of the year. One of the most effective ways to do this is to install a pool heater so that you can feel comfortable at any time of the year. Without a pool heater, you run the risk of your pool getting too cold, going unused, and experiencing some problems. At Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros, we care about ensuring you have the most comfortable experience possible. We’re ready to help you!

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Pool Heater Installation

Why Install a Pool Heater?

If you own a pool, you want to make sure that you can enjoy it comfortably. With the right pool heater, you never have to worry about what it’s like outside. The weather can be a little cooler, but you can still feel comfortable getting in the water because you keep your pool at the temperature you desire for as long as you need it. You can also use your pool much longer than you normally would through the fall and winter months, meaning you don’t have to worry about it sitting stagnant and encountering numerous problems.

Should I Service My Pool Heater?

Absolutely! You want to ensure that you service your pool heater in various situations. Of course, you should service your pool heater if you ever encounter problems and need to repair it. You should also schedule regular maintenance before the cold season starts and if you’re using it more often. Servicing your pool heater prevents you from encountering severe problems that can cause your heater to break down completely. Check the filters and ensure everything is clear of debris so that you don’t experience severe issues down the line.

When to Service a Pool Heater

There are two main times to consider servicing your pool heater. Of course, when something goes wrong, and it breaks down, you want to perform repair services on your pool heater to get it back up and running like normal again. You also want to perform a service at least once a year as part of regular maintenance. When the weather starts to get cooler, and you know you’re going to be using your pool heater, that’s the perfect time to perform maintenance and ensure that you’re free of problems. It’s better to run your maintenance instead of using your pool heater, encountering a problem, and then needing a repair or replacement.

How Much Is It to Replace a Pool Heater?

The cost of pool heater replacement is dependent on numerous factors. First, what size pool heater do you need? The larger the pool heater, the more it can cost to replace it. Remember, when it comes to replacement, you have to buy the heater itself and pay for the installation. It can be costly, but it’s your peace of mind that matters most. You should be sure to hire a professional to get the job done right so that you never have to worry about your pool being warm when you want it most comfortable.

How Long Should My Pool Heater Last?

Your pool heater will last a good amount of time as long as you are taking the steps to properly maintain it. If you maintain and care for your pool heater, it could last about a decade (so 9 to 11 years). However, if you don’t perform maintenance on a regular basis or you’re not doing things to repair problems, your pool heater will most likely have to replace your pool heater more often than you’d like. If you’re only getting a few years out of your pool heater, know that you are missing out on some common problems that can arise.

What Causes Pool Heater Failure?

A pool heater is crucial, but it can fail if you don’t take good care of it. If you cover it or allow debris to build up in it, you may find yourself dealing with complete failure. A broken pool heater requires immediate attention if you want to ensure that your pool is as comfortable as possible. If you don’t maintain your pool heater, it can also fail rather quickly.

At Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros, we know exactly how vital a pool heater is. It keeps your water warm regardless of the temperature, allowing you to swim comfortably in any season. A good pool heater can last you ten years, and we’ll be there to help you with installation, repair, and replacement. Trust our team to get the job done right when you need it, and we’ll get you exactly what you’d like. 

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