Pool Liner Replacement for Above-ground Pool

Pool Liner Replacement for Above-ground Pool

If you need a pool liner replacement for your above-ground pool, then you want to find a company that genuinely cares about you and understands the complexities of above-ground pools. Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros is a local company that works with pool owners like you who need a new liner installed or want to purchase a replacement liner for their above-ground pool.

Every replacement liner for your pool is designed to provide many years of use. Each replacement pool liner is designed to create a barrier for the pool’s structure and maintain the pool’s structural integrity.

What are pool liners constructed of? Pool liners are made from heavy-duty vinyl that is very strong with double welded seams so that they will last over a long winter and stand up to the hottest of summers. Pool liners are designed to stand up to pool chemicals and resist the fading that UV rays can cause. This resistance helps your pool to look new and last for a longer amount of time. Replacement vinyl liners are also designed to resist cold cracking and will not break or crack during colder weather.

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What are the Main Types of Above-Ground Swimming Pool Liner Beads?

  • Unibead Pool Liners: These liners are designed to be versatile and have the two in one feature, which allows you to replace your existing overlap pool liner with an updated unibead above-ground pool liner. Unibead above-ground pool liners are designed to be used either as a J Hook liner or a bead receiver. If your pool setup does not have a bead receiver, you will need to remove the J-Hook set up for the Unibead system and then install the beaded liner by snapping it into place. Either option provides a clean look that has a professional finish, and there will never be excess material hanging over the sides as with an overlap liner. Unibead liners offer the same benefits as protective liners do and offer the freedom of patterns that are usually only found on beaded liners.
  • Overlap Pool Liner: the overlap liner is the most affordable option that is simple to install. These liners attach to a pool kit wall using coping strips that hold the liner up to the pool wall. Coping Strips are plastic pieces that clip the top of the pool wall together by overlapping the inside of the pool wall and holding the liner in place. Multiple coping strips cover the whole length of the pool wall. Overlap designs are often limited to uniform patterns or a solid color since overlapping can lead to unevenness with installation.
  • Beaded Pool Liners: these are the easiest liners to replace and are available in a wide range of designs. The bead receiver hands over the top of the above-ground pool wall, and the liner snaps into the receiver so that you get a consistent look. Beaded liners install evenly, so there are many different designs and patterns for these types of liners.

Which Bead Type is the Best one for my Above-Ground Swimming Pool?

Since there are several types of beads for above-ground swimming pool liners, many people want to know which one is the best. Liners for above-ground pools are designed to fit into a bead receiver track on the top of the pool unless you purchase an overlap above ground pool liner which does not require the receiver since it hangs over the side of the pool. Overlap pool liners need to be pulled tight and may look uneven, while beaded liners are uniform and completely even once installed.

Replacement pool liners for above-ground pools are available for your pool from Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros. We carry a wide range of replacement pool liners that you can choose from for your above-ground pool. You no longer need to stress out about how you will be able to use your pool next season when the liner needs to be replaced. Instead, you can get an affordable replacement liner for your above-ground pool, install it yourself or have it installed, and then enjoy your pool once again.