Pool Liner Replacement

Pool Liner Replacement

Unfortunately, pool liners only last so long. What do you do when your pool liner fails? You may notice that the water level of your pool has been going down for some time. If you see that the pool water level is continually decreasing, you probably have a leak in your pool liner. The first thing you should do is call Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros to have us come and take a look at your liner.

Some pool liners can be patched, but the entire pool liner should be replaced once there are too many holes. Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros has plenty of experience with pool liner replacement, and we can take care of this task for you.


How Much Does it Cost to Replace the Lining of a Pool?


This can depend on many different things. First, how large is the pool? Second, where is the pool located – is it easy to access? You will want to drain the pool and disassemble it as much as possible before the new liner arrives so that you can remove the old liner and have the new one installed right away. Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros is experienced with the installation of new pool liners and fast pool liner replacement, so you need to call us with a measurement of your pool. We can let you know the cost for the new liner and, if you like, we can install it too.  The cost varies depending on your location and a few other things, but we can discuss that when you call us.

Indeed, your sanity can be saved for the cost of us replacing your pool liner. We have a lot of experience with this procedure, ensuring that the process is not prolonged. We can take care of the removal and installation of your new pool liner on the same day so that you do not need to wait around for the procedure to take place.  Soon you will be back to enjoying your pool once again. We are happy to make the process seamless and quick.


Can I do a Pool Liner Replacement Myself?


Yes, you absolutely can, if you know what to do. We caution you, though, that there are many ways that you can damage the liner or install it incorrectly. Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros can supply you with any liner you are looking for, and we can also install that liner for an affordable price. If you install the liner incorrectly, you may void your warranty, and this is possibly the worst-case scenario. If you are unsure about the correct way to install the liner, it is best if you contact a professional pool company such as Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros to help you.


How Often does Pool Liner Replament need to be done?


Fortunately, pool liners are designed to last for many years, especially if you take good care of them. Part of that care includes installing your pool in a location where the liner will not be punctured or damaged. Properly preparing the area where the pool will be installed is also of the utmost importance. You will want to place something below the pool liner, such as foam padding or carpet. Sand is not recommended because it can leave voids and wash away, leaving no support for your liner. Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros can help you prepare the surface where your above-ground pool will be installed, and when the liner is replaced, we can ensure that the area below the liner is not going to cause any damage to it.

If you notice that the water level in your pool is getting lower often, then it is likely that you have a leak.  You will need to keep an eye on the water level and mark it with tape on the outside of the pool. Check it daily, and if you notice that the water level continues to drop, it could be time to patch the liner. Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros can take care of the patching of your liner for you, but if there are too many holes and leaks, we recommend that you replace your pool liner. We have a great deal of experience with replacing pool liners and are more than happy to take care of this for you.

Call Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros today to learn more about the replacement of your pool liner. We have completed many pool liner replacement jobs in the local area. We provide professional service to residents because we want you to know that you can trust us, and we work hard to obtain and retain your business. Atlanta Above Ground Pool Installation Pros has plenty of experience with all types of pools and pool liners. We can make recommendations for you, and if you are looking to save some money, we can show you how to do that. Please do not hesitate to call us; we are ready to help you with your pool liner replacement. We have most sizes of liners in stock and a variety of types. If you want to enjoy your pool for a little longer this season and it has been leaking, we recommend pool liner replacement.

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